Devlog 1#

This update brings a whole new feature to Bronze age. Gods and Religion. Once you've built your first cathedral (upgrade a temple) you'll get to chose between 4 different Gods that will demand sacrifice and offer you blessings that can range somewhere between giving you some (worthless) mudbricks to gamewinning events.
The Gods;

Twelpwar: The God of war will demand blood and likes a huge army. His blessings will usually be of military nature.

Twelpmar: The God of prosperity will demand mostly items and like wealth and trade. His blessings will give you all the items you ever want

Twelpinia: The Godess of peace will enjoy a big population and peaceful expansion. Her blessings will increase your population possibly to ridicilous levels

Twelpster: The Trickster God. Everything is possible. I personally would advise backing up your save if you want to chose him he certainly make for a different experience if you get unlucky or lucky.

I also reintroduced the feral Twelpers which right now are very WIP. 

A lot of the newer grapics are also WIP mostly because it appears there will be some bigger grapical changes in the main game in the future and I didn't want to waste time making grapics that I'ld have to update anyways.

Another addition are the "stoppers" vines of livingblood made to slow down everyone who tries to walk on them. They can be used to force enemies to walk close to your towers for a rather long time.

Oh and of the sacrifices and blessings will happen in a settlement with a cathedral.


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Feb 26, 2018

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