Devlog 3#


I have updated the Mod to version 2.4. For now I just added compatability and the "soil enricher" a new building (which is totally not a windmill recolor) allowing you to increase the output of nearby agricultural buildings. At the moment this is a really good tactic together with livingblood Farms.

Also a lot of things in relation to scripting changed in the 2.4 update. As a result I'll be busy reworking the way religion works in the mod. Before I felt that it might have been a little bit too intrusive with you beeing forced to do something every year. This will be replaced with a more voluntary system where you'll be able to decide when to contact the Gods. You'll also be able to contact every God and won't be forced to choose just one. However for now I have deactivated the whole religion system until it has been reworked.


Twelper mod 1.4 (For 2.4.x) 676 kB
Apr 12, 2018

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